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Adult Volunteers

BOOSTING BRAVERY (BB) is more than just a program, but also a brilliant growing community of girls and women. As a community, we care deeply about getting emotional wellness skills to girls in BB. We also care about the fact that society needs to once and for all give much more attention to such skills so all young people can benefit. We know that as girls and women our leadership is vital to make this happen.

We would love to have you be a part of our community!


We looking for three types of volunteers--please scroll down to read about each type. 

1. Women BB Mentors

2. Program Volunteers (both women & men) 

3. Community Connectors (both women & men)

Women Mentors


If you are a woman (24 or older) who resonates with the beliefs of BOOSTING BRAVERY, consider applying to be a BB Mentor. 


Women from across the country, from all backgrounds can apply to volunteer as a BB Mentor. 

This is a selective process so that we ensure that we have excellent women mentors. 

This is an incredibly rewarding volunteer experience in which you meet with a cohort of 12 high school girls from around the country for 45 minutes for 9 weeks over ZOOM. 

These 12 girls are made up of pairs of High School Leaders, so they represent leaders of 6 BB teams.


Your role is all about helping the girls feel more confident to lead their teams of middle school girls. 

You receive training on how to lead these meetings. 


In particular you will do the following:


  1. Discuss the key points of each Module with the girls.

  2. Discuss skills related to leading their teams as well as leadership in general.

  3. Create a space where positive connections happen between the girls and with you.

  4. Answer questions that the Leaders may have during the week between Modules.  

  5. You work with the BB Leadership team so you never feel alone and you have a fun community of women to work with!


You will get to spend time helping an incredible group High School Leaders--talk about a mood booster! 

You will be joining an incredible BB Community--all about making positive connections between girls, between girls and women mentors, and between brilliant women.

You will be part of the BB Movement—one that recognizes the ability of girls to be leaders for mental wellness skills for each other and beyond. 

You will be invited to join special in-person and online events with other BB Mentors, with the BB Leadership Team, and with teens.  


Program Volunteers


We are always excited to talk with people are passionate about the mission of BOOSTING BRAVERY and may want to join our team to help build and expand it. 


We are open to all kinds of help. Examples include people with experience in program management, communications, grant writing, marketing, website and design, and those who have worked with teen girls in empowering and innovative ways--girls from all backgrounds.


Email us at

Community Connectors


We love partnering with people who can help us reach girls of all backgrounds, from anywhere in the US.


If you can help us spread the word, such as helping us post information through groups like PTAs, after-school programs, religious organizations, community centers, and via schools, please email us at

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